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Conflict Resolution/Arbitration

L2 Solutions has over 100 years of combined experience working for and with the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and several procurement agencies within the Department of Defense (DOD). We have attained DOD level III certifications and are members of the Acquisition Corps for contract administration. When disputes arise between DCMA and a contracting company, we can provide the insight to help you with any conflict resolution and/or arbitration.

While conflict within the contracting arena may arise, we believe that proper planning and positioning can help avoid an impasse and create an atmosphere of cooperation, and thereby arrive at an equitable negotiated settlement for both parties.

Our experience can help you resolve problems
before they become full blown disasters. 

Most conflicts begin with disagreements or disharmony that escalate into full blown conflicts. We can assist you to identify the disharmony early on and work to avoid a negative outcome. We will provide guidance to bring the disagreements into the open where both sides can combine ideas and be more successful in the joint resolution of the conflict.  

L2 recognizes that in most cases there are outside influences that may cause additional complexity creating the disharmony. L2 has many years of experience as members of conflict resolution teams within the DOD. It is imperative to recognize the conflict early between parties and thereby provide conflict resolution strategies and assure these strategies are executed successfully for all parties. Open, honorable communication between the parties normally will lead to successful and fair outcomes to any disagreement.

Benefit from our experience

L2 will provide the added benefit of our experience to bring parties together and work toward successful resolution. Our experience provides that most conflicts arise between parties when there are differing attitudes, goals, and perceptions that cause immense stress for all parties. L2 will work to assist our customers to own their accountability and remain focused on resolving the conflict rather than being bogged down with personality clashes or other behaviors that impede agreeable resolutions between parties.

L2 has been successful during conflict resolution by communicating the consequences for failure to resolve disagreements and redirecting the conflict to a positive outcome. L2 will guide the parties in a non-confrontational manner allowing all parties to provide mature positions and alternative methods of resolution for successful outcomes. In a very few cases successful outcomes to conflict resolution will not be resolved and will lead to arbitration with a third party. However it has been our experience that arbitration is costly in both time and monetary resources and every effort and method should be explored before the door is closed to a successful negotiated resolution. L2 will strive to come into the conflict as early as possible to head off arbitration.

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