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DFAS Issue Resolution

The Deense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) has no fewer than sixteen vendor pay sites, servicing more than 150,000 contractors and vendors. DFAS processes millions of submitted invoices. L2 Solutions has decades of experience in dealing with the DFAS automated systems and DFAS personnel, so we can help you resolve issues when they arise.  But the key to prompt payment is accurate billing information, so we also stand ready to assist you in preparing your documents before you submit the invoices, thus avoiding many problems from the start.  Our experienced personnel can help you develop checklists and training for your staff in order to avoid the most common invoice billing problems.

When problems arise that prevent DFAS from paying your invoices, we have the experience to get them resolved quickly.

Common Billing Errors

DFAS reports the top eight billing errors include:

    • Wrong or incomplete contract (PO) number
    • Missing call/delivery order number
    • Same invoice number on more than one Delivery Order
    • Shipment Number required in WAWF
    • Missing Invoice number and date
    • Billing description is incomplete or incorrect
    • Invoice is submitted by a vendor (sub contractor) other than the vendor named on the contract
    • Billing for past due amounts on current charges instead of submitting the original invoice where balance is due
L2 Solutions associates will help you understand the terms and conditions of your contract, so that you can bill by line items identification, in accordance with the contract requirements.   We can provide invoices electronically to DFAS and update/validate your CCR registration to receive payments electronically.   L2 will help establish a point of contact list at DFAS to assure rapid answers for WAWF and invoice questions. L2 will help you increase electronic commerce, and provide acceptable billing documents, taking advantage of discounts and eliminating redundant efforts. L2’s philosophy is that if our customers produce excellent products, then we will help submit excellent invoices for fast payment.

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