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Ammunition and Explosives Demilitarization

L2 Solutions will provide consultant services for the following ammunition/ explosives demil R3 technology (Resource, Recovery, and Recycling).

Demil Methodology

Our experts have extensive experience in current Demil Methodologies and can:

    • Review disassembly technologies, i.e. defuzing/depriming machines, pull-apart machines for unitary rounds.
    • Review explosives processing technologies, i.e. TNT melt-out station, high pressure water jet wash-out equipment, gun propellant grinding.
    • Review disposal technologies, i.e. Detonation chambers and ammunition incinerators.
    • Review both long and short term storage requirements as well as all processing buildings.
    • Perform detailed risk analysis of the selected technologies.


Operational Demil Safety Procedures

We can provide technical information necessary to handle, store and maintain ammunition in a safe manner. Let our experts design Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to include all known requirements including all known permitting requirements.

Once your SOPs are in place, we can provide SOP training for all your demil personnel.

Develop Plans for Remote Demil Production Lines

Use current quantity distance regulations to develop site and construction plans to determine stand-off distances. Prepare site plan submission documents for Procuring Contracting Officer approval.

Assess Environmental Demil Requirements

Provide risk assessment evaluation for emission of heavy metals and toxic gases to atmosphere. Coordinate EPA assessments for soil and groundwater contamination including long distance migration from demil sites. Provide assistance and coordination for preparing documents for permit approval.

Recycling Explosives and Metal Parts

Provide assistance to find markets for recyclable components and end products. Team with decision makers and provide assessments to destroy small items that are not cost effective to demil. Provide input for new manufacturing techniques to ease disassembly for future demil.

Certification Documentation of Disposal Operations

Provide insight to maintaining approval documents and establishing a record system for all rounds or batches of material demiled. Develop witness verification program to satisfy government regulations.

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