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Inspection & Testing Services

Inspection and testing are necessary to validate the quality of your products. L2 Solutions can help when your company does not have the in-house capability to perform required tests. We can also help you develop internal testing capability.

All tests require procedures. Let L2 Solutions review your procedures before embarking on that expensive test. If you prefer, one of our technical writers will prepare the procedure for you, ensuring all specification requirements are incorporated into your test plan.

When it is just too important to ensure that purchased product conforms to requirements, and you do not have the resources or expertise to perform source inspection, L2 Solutions will be your eyes and ears at your supplier.

Whatever your source inspection needs, there is an L2 Solutions associate with expertise
who can work with you.

Our associates have years of source inspection experience for the Department of Defense and NASA in both domestic and international settings. We have hands-on experience in a wide range of commodities including

        • mechanical
        • electronic
        • composites
        • aerospace
        • automotive
        • aircraft
        • explosive/ammunition
Whatever your source inspection needs, there is an L2 Solutions associate with expertise who can work with you. L2 Solutions can provide a number of sources that specialize in testing services. To ensure you obtain quality services L2 Solutions will evaluate your testing requirements and make appropriate recommendations. L2 Solutions is ready to solve your problems for independent verification of mechanical properties, nondestructive testing techniques, or specialized product acceptance testing.

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