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Pre-Award Conferences

The Pre-award conference is the direct result of a successful bid response to a Request for Proposal, and an important step in the contractual process.  Mistakes made at the pre-award conference can create tension and distrust between your company and your client. The L2 Solutions associates have over 100 years of cumulative experience conducting Pre-award and Post-award conferences for the DOD. Put our experience to work to assure your pre-award conference goes smoothly and creates a positive, respectful relationship.


L2 Solutions can provide the following assistance with your pre-award conference:

      • Develop the agenda
      • Conduct mock meetings to train and prepare your people
      • Participate in the actual pre-award conference.

We will use our expertise to frame your capabilities, presenting a knowledgeable and cooperative offense, resulting in a successful pre-award conference.

Post-Award Reviews

We will use the same expertise during post-award reviews to present and demonstrate your compliance with all contractual issues, as well as initial low rate production. The post-award conference tool is used by both the government and contractor to concentrate on

      • Product start-up operations
      • Resolving scheduling conflicts
      • Inventory control
      • Managing subcontractors
      • Quality assurance inspection points
      • Safety and environmental concerns
      • Packaging and delivery methods.

L2 Solutions will assist you with all these concerns and help train your team to be responsive and provide timely information to your customers. Keeping communication channels open and productive will further insure successful contract completion and uninterrupted payments.

L2 Solutions’ position is that the pre-award and post-award conferences are so important to further good will between the customer and our clients, that we will work with our clients every step of the way to foster satisfaction of all parties of the contract.

As the contract comes to an end, preparation for a final post-award conference is extremely important because this spirit of cooperation will continue into the future for further contract opportunities.   L2 Solutions will help you project an image of honesty and integrity, which can be just as important to your customers as delivery of excellent products.

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