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Quality control

Quality control is the starting point for ensuring that your product conforms to requirements. While quality control cannot fix design or manufacturing problems, it should provide a means of accurately evaluating product and determining if it is acceptable or nonconforming.  Quality control is the system that sorts good and bad product and ensures that your customers receive only conforming product.

If you are experiencing inspection escapes and your customers are receiving products that they cannot use or will not accept, then you need to address the problem immediately while they are still your customers. L2 Solutions has the expertise to evaluate your quality control system and identify the cause of your problem.

We will determine if the problem resides in procedures, equipment, inspection environment, training, or some other element of your process; and we will help you make the necessary changes to reduce or eliminate those inspection escapes.

L2 Solutions can also help you set up a new inspection center or provide assistance in performing inspections for those times when you don’t have the resources to perform necessary verifications. We also provide source inspection for companies who prefer to have a third party service check product before it is delivered to your facility.

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