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RFP Development and Response

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is usually a document that an organization or the government publishes to elicit bids from potential vendors for a product or service. Creating an RFP or responding to an RFP with a qualifying bid can be daunting tasks.  But the experts at L2 Solutions can guide you through the processes to assure the documents you submit will serve the purposes for which they are intended.

Whether you need to develop your own RFP to elicit bids from subcontractors, or you need to respond to an RFP with a qualifying bid, we can help.

L2 Solutions personnel are members of the DOD Acquisition Corps. 

Therefore, we can provide assistance in the following ways:

      • Perform solicitation reviews
      • Identify requirements
      • Assess your capability to satisfy the requirements
      • Identify potential contract compliance risks
      • Determine the capabilities of potential suppliers.

Proper planning is key in the early development of your proposals, and L2 Solutions can help you avoid serious pitfalls that can impede your progress.  By delineating deliverables associated with the project and establishing a workable framework for project execution, we can greatly improve your ability to submit a proposal that will satisfy the requirements within achievable budgets and schedules.

We will work closely with the requesting organization to minimize the possibility of misunderstandings and clearly establish compliance to requirements and conditions of the RFP.   Assessing your capabilities is one of the keys to avoid wasting time bidding on RFPs that are outside your product lines. When submitting a bid to a RFP, L2 Solutions has the expertise to advise you of your responsibilities, timeframe for developmental stages, reviewing credentials of project leaders, and clearly examine legally binding commitments and adherence to dates contained within the RFP.

Providing a well thought out bid to any RFP is one of the keys to providing new or expanded revenue streams to your company. L2 Solutions associates have several years of experience participating in selection boards for the government and we have that expertise to help your company become successful with this process. We will help you develop for submission the “Best and Final” bids for solicitation proposals.

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