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Safety Training

L2 associates have over 100 years of combined experience controlling risks associated with high energy materials including

      • explosives
      • fuels
      • chemicals

We can come onto your site and tailor a safety training program that complies with OSHA/ DOD requirements to protect your production base and your employees.

In our lesson plans we will address:

      • Characteristics of high energy materials
      • Hazard classification systems
      • Storage principles and compatibility
      • Fire protection
      • Operational line safety
      • Control of static electricity
      • Industrial safety
      • Transporting high energy material
      • Developing Standard Operating Procedures

The key to assessing risk is a thorough hazard analysis and risk assessment to identify and define all potential risk and control the hazards. This step by step process will provide timely information to management to assure compliance to regulations and safe guard employees.

Our training will foster and create an environment of safety conscientiousness for employees and protect management and supervisory personnel from legal liability.

The Rule of Minimums

The “Cardinal Rule” for high energy materials is the rule of minimums. Limit the amount of employee exposure, limit the amount of material, and limit the time of exposure. We will help you and your employees understand the nature of explosives with thorough and accurate Process Hazards Analysis (PHA), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and rigorous process control.

L2 Solutions will take the lead in development of Site and Construction Plans for explosives operations, including formal presentation to the various approving authorities within the DOD.

We offer Site and Construction Plan training in order to assure that all process buildings satisfy all local, state and federal requirements.  The development of a viable plan is imperitive before monetary resources are expended on construction projects that cannot meet procuring activity approval. Our philosophy is to improve our client’s bottom line, conserve monetary resources, and protect employees and production facilities.

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