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Billing Issues/Progress Payments

Accounts receivable is the life blood of any company, and collecting payments in a timely manner is critical to the health of a company's bottom line.  Yet, all too often, executing invoices in compliance with DoD requirements can be challenging and at times, frustrating and costly. 

L2 associates have extensive knowledge and experience with DoD invoicing and Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF).  We can provide important guidance with execution of Government invoices (DD 250) or other forms of invoices for commercial business.

Progress Payments

For contracts involving larger dollar values, we can provide insight to progress payment application. Whether it's a government contract or one involving commercial entities, developing and following a detailed plan for progress payments can ease the burdens of cash flow and maintain communications throughout the life of the contract. 

Collections Issues

When collecting debts from deliquent accounts becomes difficult, L2 Solutions has the expertise to work with slow pay issues and can help you mitigate losses and improve your ability to collect.  We can introduce a number of strategies up to and including introduction of third party collection agencies or collection attorneys, but we believe other strategies can be more cost-effective in many situations.  

Early identification of problems or concerns in this area can help prevent the problems of non-performance of a contract. L2 has the experience to identify billing issues and provide decision makers the information to evaluate in a timely manner and avoid further investment.

L2 will always support the honorable actions of our customers to protect the customer’s production base and reputation within the community. L2 will be your guide to achieve the most profitable outcome for your company as our position is to become part of your trusted team.

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